Architectural Control Management

Request Tracking and Compliance

One of the most vital functions a management company can provide is ensuring that compliance is maintained with all of the association governing documents, policies and procedures. RealManage reviews any and all change requests as it relates to the bylaws and associated governing documents, policies and rules and them submit them to the architectural committee for review. Board members are always aware and in control of architectural change requests. 


Consistent Communication with Committees

RealManage's dedication to transparency in communication extends to Architectural change requests from owners

  • State-of-the-art mobile apps allow for committee and board members to electronically review and approve applications
  • Digitally accessible requests to all committee members are reviewed internally for any changes
  • Customized and curated forms are provided for owners to make requests

Purpose and Responsibility
  • Managing the application and approval process
  • Monitoring the community for violations of standards
  • Fairly enforcing standards set forth in the governing documents
  • Making subjective and objective decisions about guideline compliance
  • Making recommendations to the board of directors
  • Reviewing guidelines for adequacy
  • Educating the community about set guidelines.
Maintaining Property Values 

One of the main functions of architectural standards in an community is to help maintain property values. The authority to regulate a homeowner’s right to make improvements or modifications to their property is derived from the governing documents. Specific regulations concerning architectural guidelines are typically found in the rules and regulations. An association may impose additional restrictions than those contained in the CC&Rs, but cannot circumvent CC&R provisions.