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HOA Community Set-Up Services

Explore our comprehensive HOA Set-Up Services, designed to ensure a seamless transition into association management. We meticulously handle document scanning, master configurations, financial setup, and essential information summaries. At RealManage, we're committed to making your HOA community's onboarding effortless and efficient.

Comprehensive Onboarding for New Communities:

Initiating Excellence Through RealManage's Dedicated Community Set-Up Services.

  • Task Guidance: Our set-up services provide step-by-step guidance for essential tasks, ensuring a robust foundation for organized and accessible records.
  • Record Accessibility: Facilitating record accessibility, we prioritize the creation of organized databases for seamless retrieval of information.
  • Efficiency Optimization: We focus on optimizing efficiency during the onboarding process, ensuring that new communities start their journey with clarity and purpose.

Strategic Financial Framework:

RealManage excels in strategically configuring assessment rules, prioritizing transparent financial practices, and fortifying community financial health for long-term sustainability.

  • Assessment Rules Configuration: RealManage excels in the expert configuration of assessment rules, establishing a structured and accurate financial framework to fortify community financial management.
  • Transparent Financial Practices: We prioritize transparent financial practices, ensuring that the financial framework is easily understandable and aligns with community goals.
  • Financial Fortification: Our services go beyond configuration, aiming to fortify the community's financial health for long-term sustainability.
Building Strong Foundations for Seamless Community Management.

Comprehensive HOA Set-Up Services for New Communities

Discover our all-encompassing HOA Set-Up Services for new communities, ensuring a seamless transition into association management by meticulously handling document scanning, master configurations, financial setup, and crucial information summaries.

New HOA Community Set-Up Services

Our HOA Set-Up Services for new communities are meticulously designed to ensure a seamless and efficient transition into association management. This comprehensive package encompasses a range of essential tasks, including the scanning of dedicatory instrument documents and vendor contract and insurance policies, laying the foundation for organized and accessible records. We configure the DRV master and maintenance master, setting the stage for precise management of community assets. Assessment rules are expertly configured, ensuring a structured and accurate financial framework. We streamline the collections process configuration, providing a robust foundation for financial management. Additionally, we create crucial documents such as the Community Information Summary, Amenity Summary, Legal Summary, and community forms. Lot/unit set-up and owner information input are executed meticulously to establish a detailed database. The HOA set-up process includes bank account establishment and financial records input, ensuring that all financial aspects are in order. We perform financial report mapping and input budget information to guarantee a well-organized and comprehensive financial system. Our HOA Set-Up Services aim to facilitate a smooth transition and create a strong foundation for association management.

Communities We Serve

Our unwavering dedication to the HOA management industry and the communities we serve drives us to continuously refine and optimize our HOA management and condo association processes and technology. This commitment ensures an outstanding management experience that goes beyond standard industry practices. Discover the distinct advantages of partnering with RealManage for your community today.

HOA Management Services

HOA (Homeowners Association) management services are professional services provided to assist and support homeowners associations in managing and maintaining residential communities. HOA management services play a crucial role in helping these associations fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

Condominium Management

A Condominium Owner's Association is comprised of condominium owners. Condominium owners own their individual units and have joint ownership of the building and grounds with other units. COA fees not only cover common areas but the fees also cover building repairs and maintenance.

Master-Planned Communities

A master-planned community typically consists of more than one residential community association and usually has numerous amenities such as pools, a clubhouse, parks, playgrounds, and could possibly even include commercial elements such as restaurants.

Mixed-Use Associations

A mixed-use community association, often referred to as a live-work neighborhood, represents a dynamic and innovative approach to urban planning and community development. The integration of residential condominiums and commercial elements creates a harmonious and multifaceted environment that fosters a unique sense of community and convenience for its residents.

On-Site Community Management

On-site community association management refers to a type of homeowners association (HOA) management where the management company or manager physically works from within the community or at a dedicated on-site office within the community itself. This means that the management staff is present within the community they are responsible for.

New Residential Development & Builder Services

Community association management services offered to new residential developers and builders typically encompass a range of support and expertise tailored to the specific needs of these developers as they establish and transition control of homeowners associations (HOAs) in newly built residential communities.

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