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Community Management & Board Support Center

Welcome to our Board Member Resource Center at RealManage for anyone serving as an HOA, condo or other community association volunteer leader! We recognize the pivotal role played by community association board members in shaping vibrant and flourishing communities. Our Resource Center is crafted to offer you valuable information, support, and a strong sense of community throughout the year.

As association board members, you navigate numerous challenges in the pursuit of upholding the well-being and harmony of your communities, carefully balancing the diverse needs of residents and the association. This delicate task requires thoughtful decision-making that considers the collective good while addressing individual concerns. We understand the difficulty in judiciously allocating resources for essential community services and maintenance. Keeping pace with evolving legal and regulatory landscapes adds an additional layer of complexity to your responsibilities.

Communication within HOAs, condos, and other community associations is inherently intricate, demanding effective outreach for transparency and resident engagement. Handling conflicts and enforcing community rules calls for diplomacy and a fair, consistent approach.

We are here to help you! At RealManage we value your dedication to community leadership. Explore the Resource Center, stay connected, and empower your role as an HOA board member year-round. Thank you for being an essential part of creating a thriving community


Continuous Learning Opportunities

Explore our Calendar of Learning Content to access a curated, seasonal and relevant selection of resources, guides, and educational materials. Stay informed on best practices, industry trends, and essential skills to enhance your role as a board member.


Empower your community's board members with RealManage's exclusive management software.

Our secure and user-friendly online Board Portal provides instant access to up-to-date community information, including detailed financial reports, resident directories, project/task lists, and much more. Stay on top of community affairs with RealManage's innovative software solution.

Some of the resources available to you 24/7:

  • Detailed financial reports
  • Documents archive
  • Call log reports
  • Delinquency logs
  • Resident Directory
  • Project/Tasks
  • Work orders
  • Deed Restriction Violation (DRV) summary and drill down reports
  • Detailed list of all lot information
  • Vendor invoices, book balances, open A/P and expense detail pivot table
  • Meeting minutes and agendas
  • Property conveyances
  • Calendars
  • Electronic invoice and architectural control approvals

Resources and Webinars

Participate in our Webinars to deepen your understanding of community associations. From industry experts to success stories within our community, our webinars provide valuable insights and opportunities to hear new ideas and best practices.

Building Civility in your Community

Insightful webinar presentation where we explored the importance of civility in community associations. Gain valuable insights on building civility within your board and learn effective strategies to promote this essential quality throughout your community. This engaging presentation provides practical tips for creating a harmonious and respectful environment within your association. Tune in to enhance community dynamics and strengthen relationships among board members and residents alike.

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Conflict Management for Board Members

Disputes, as much as they are uncomfortable and inconvenient, are inevitable within an association. It is, therefore, important to have a plan for dealing with conflict. Learn best practices for avoiding and resolving disputes as well as fresh resolutions for conflict in your community.

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What to Expect from Management

Does your board struggle with how to set clear expectations? Do you feel like tasks get lost or missed? What is reasonable? Learn tips for setting clear goals and expectations with your community management team, how to communicate without micromanaging and get the results your community has been looking for.

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Community Communication

Does your community struggle with communication? Good communication is essential for communities to succeed. We cover newsletters, meetings, orientations, events, town halls, and more. Watch for ideas as we share decades of experience in how to communicate what you mean to the residents in your communities.

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Better Board Meetings

Join us to hear how to elevate your community's meetings immediately. Decades of experience will be shared on parliamentary procedure, meeting efficiency, audience participation, better agendas, and consensus building. See what a difference better meetings can make in your community.

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Safeguarding Your Community: Community Association Insurance

During this session, our expert speakers will delve into the various aspects of community association insurance, including coverage types, common misconceptions, and best practices for ensuring comprehensive protection. Whether you are a board member, community manager, or resident, this webinar will equip you with essential knowledge to make informed decisions regarding insurance for your community.

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Better Budgeting

Join us to hear how to elevate your community's meetings immediately. Decades of experience will be shared on parliamentary procedure, meeting efficiency, audience participation, better agendas, and consensus building. See what a difference better meetings can make in your community.

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Building Community

Does your community feel disconnected or in need of some community spirit? Join us for a webinar that will help your Board of Directors create memorable traditions in your community, creating community spirit, improving the atmosphere, and resident satisfaction.

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Celebrate Your Achievements

Share your community's successes with us! We invite you to submit your achievements through our Success Story Form. Your willingness to share allows us to spotlight and celebrate the positive impact your community has made.

Community Insights: Inspiring Blog Posts

Visit our Blog for insightful articles, success stories, and tips from experienced community leaders. Discover practical advice, learn from the experiences of others, and find inspiration for effective community management.

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