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Financial Management Services

At RealManage, our comprehensive HOA Financial Management services streamline every aspect of association management, from centralizing communication and ensuring financial accuracy to simplifying document management and facilitating smooth ownership transitions. We handle refinance coordination, tax management, insurance applications, and welcoming new owners, all with a focus on efficiency and transparency, so you can concentrate on what truly matters. With a commitment to simplifying complex processes and enhancing overall association functionality, we're your partner in effective management. Let RealManages HOA Financial Management services help you build a better community. 

Why Choose RealManage for Your HOA?

RealManage stands out for HOAs with tailored financial solutions, including customized services and exclusive software, strategic financial planning through collaboration on meticulous budgets, and a commitment to timely and transparent reporting.

  • Tailored Financial Solutions: Exclusive accounting and financial software for HOAs, ensuring precision in managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, and revenue collection & customized financial management services.
  • Strategic Financial Planning: HOAs benefit from strategic financial planning & Collaboration with your community to prepare meticulous annual budgets and forecasts, laying the foundation for sustainable financial health.
  • Timely and Transparent Reporting: Essential in the fast-paced world of HOA management.

Transparency and Communication

More than just a service, we're your dedicated partner in revolutionizing HOA financial management for sustained community prosperity.

  • RealManage goes beyond being a service provider; we are your partner in navigating HOA financial complexities.
  • Expertise extends beyond traditional accounting, focusing on efficiency, transparency, and strategic planning for the long-term financial well-being of your community.
  • Delve deeper into our array of services, meticulously designed to elevate and streamline the financial operations of your Homeowners Association.
  • Discover the RealManage advantage for your HOA today!
Simplified Financial Management, Secure and Seamless.

Comprehensive Financial Management Services

Explore our array of comprehensive Financial management services, covering all aspects from financial and tax management to efficient record-keeping and welcoming new owners.

Association Affairs Management

In Association Affairs Management, we provide a centralized hub for your association's essential operations. This includes offering a designated place of business and a designated representative to facilitate communication and coordination between the association and various professional service providers. We take responsibility for managing corporate records books and minutes, ensuring that a complete and organized history of the association's decisions and actions is maintained. Our services also encompass records storage, which enables easy access to important documents when needed. Furthermore, we facilitate owner appointments for the inspection of books and records, ensuring transparency and compliance. We serve as a liaison between the association and legal counsel, registered agents, or other professional service providers, overseeing the proper preparation and filing of necessary documents in accordance with applicable laws.

Financial Management

Our Financial Management services cover the complete spectrum of financial operations. We provide robust accounting and financial software to streamline financial processes. This includes managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, ensuring that bills are paid accurately and revenue is collected efficiently. We oversee the general ledger, maintaining meticulous records of all financial transactions and accounts. Additionally, we help prepare a proposed annual budget and forecast to assist the association in financial planning. Bank account maintenance and reconciliation of monthly bank statements are part of our financial services, ensuring financial accuracy. We manage disbursements, perform required document processing, generate statements of account, and facilitate cash management. Furthermore, we ensure timely reporting with standard monthly financial reports by the 20th day following month-end and standard year-end financial reports by the 45th day following year-end, each with standard account codes.

Statements of Account & Resale Process Management

In the realm of Statements of Account & Resale Process Management, we offer an efficient and organized approach. We provide a Statement of Account/Resale Process Management Database, streamlining processes for answering inquiries from tax service, title companies, mortgage companies, and homeowners. Our goal is to simplify and enhance the management of financial documents and communication in this aspect of association management.

Transfer Process Management

Transfer Process Management is another integral part of our services. We offer a Transfer Process Management database, manage plat and lot/unit owner databases, and ensure accurate and efficient updates of association records for new owners. Additionally, we generate transfer documentation and provide responsive answers to lender questionnaires, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership within the association. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and streamlined process for all transfer-related activities.

Refinance Process Management

Our Refinance Process Management services aim to simplify and streamline the refinance process for associations. We offer a dedicated database and provide responsive support by answering inquiries from tax service, title companies, and mortgage companies. We coordinate subordination agreement requests and generate the necessary refinance documentation. Our goal is to ensure that the refinance process is efficient and well-managed.

Tax Management

Within our Tax Management services, we offer an extensive system to efficiently oversee property taxes. This encompasses the maintenance of up-to-date plat information and property tax specifics in their appropriate jurisdictions. We also play a pivotal role in the preparation and organization of data necessary for federal or state tax return filing, facilitating coordination with the association for required signatures, and managing property tax accounts, parcel identifiers, and invoice payments. Additionally, we provide valuable assistance in the preparation and distribution of W-2s, 1099s, and 1096s, ensuring that all tax-related procedures are well-organized and streamlined.

Insurance Management

Insurance Management is a crucial aspect of association operations. We assist in the application process for various insurance policies, including liability, property, worker's compensation, Directors & Officers, and Errors & Omissions, as requested. Additionally, we maintain a manager Fidelity Bond, as required by the association or statute, to ensure financial security. We also oversee the maintenance of association insurance policies, including keeping track of expiration dates and renewal requirements. Our goal is to simplify the management of insurance-related matters and ensure the association's protection.

New Owner Welcome Process

When it comes to welcoming new owners, we ensure a smooth and welcoming experience. We initiate a welcome letter, maintain and update welcome packets, or make essential information available online for new owners. Additionally, we facilitate the distribution of access cards/keys to amenities as appropriate, ensuring that new owners have access to the association's facilities. Furthermore, we provide an alert to the board about new owners, with this information made available online, ensuring transparency and communication in the association's new owner welcome process.

Communities We Serve

Our unwavering dedication to the HOA management industry and the communities we serve drives us to continuously refine and optimize our HOA management and condo association processes and technology. This commitment ensures an outstanding management experience that goes beyond standard industry practices. Discover the distinct advantages of partnering with RealManage for your community today.

HOA Management Services

HOA (Homeowners Association) management services are professional services provided to assist and support homeowners associations in managing and maintaining residential communities. HOA management services play a crucial role in helping these associations fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

Condominium Management

A Condominium Owner's Association is comprised of condominium owners. Condominium owners own their individual units and have joint ownership of the building and grounds with other units. COA fees not only cover common areas but the fees also cover building repairs and maintenance.

Master-Planned Communities

A master-planned community typically consists of more than one residential community association and usually has numerous amenities such as pools, a clubhouse, parks, playgrounds, and could possibly even include commercial elements such as restaurants.

Mixed-Use Associations

A mixed-use community association, often referred to as a live-work neighborhood, represents a dynamic and innovative approach to urban planning and community development. The integration of residential condominiums and commercial elements creates a harmonious and multifaceted environment that fosters a unique sense of community and convenience for its residents.

On-Site Community Management

On-site community association management refers to a type of homeowners association (HOA) management where the management company or manager physically works from within the community or at a dedicated on-site office within the community itself. This means that the management staff is present within the community they are responsible for.

New Residential Development & Builder Services

Community association management services offered to new residential developers and builders typically encompass a range of support and expertise tailored to the specific needs of these developers as they establish and transition control of homeowners associations (HOAs) in newly built residential communities.

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