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HOA Management Services

Expert HOA Management Services for Successful Community Associations

Revitalize your community association effortlessly! Collaborating with a condo and HOA management company like RealManage allows you to streamline operations with ease. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of expertise to simplify the intricate tasks associated with community association management. Empower your board to fulfill their duties confidently. Count on our HOA management experts to navigate and conquer the diverse range of challenges your association might encounter. Elevate your community with our guidance—it's the professional touch your association deserves. 

Experience Professional and Personalized HOA Management Services with RealManage

As a board member, you are tasked with ensuring your community operates at its highest potential. That's where RealManage comes in - we offer advanced homeowner association management services that can help enhance your community's development.

Our professional and personalized services are supported by national resources, so you get the best of both worlds - a local firm that understands the unique needs of your community, backed by the expertise of a larger organization.

We understand that community development encompasses financial and operational aspects, as well as fostering a sense of community spirit. Our advanced management services can help improve all of these areas, leading to a community that operates at its peak potential. Trust RealManage to help take your community to the next level.

Our Available Management Services

Choose RealManage for unparalleled HOA management. Our unwavering commitment drives us to constantly enhance and optimize nationwide processes, ensuring an exceptional experience that exceeds industry standards. Elevate your community—experience the unique benefits today.

Resident/Owner Communication

Experience exceptional homeowner support with our dedicated team of multilingual customer service representatives, ensuring all calls are answered promptly. We provide personalized assistance across multiple channels and efficiently distribute relevant information to enhance your homeowner experience.

Financial Management

We handle everything from collecting assessments and posting to proper bank accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, managing general ledger, budgeting, and forecasting to the preparation of monthly and year-end financial reports.

Vendor Management

RealManage assists board members with the preparation of bid specifications, analyzing proposals, selection of vendors, scheduling and monitoring of work, invoice approval, and payment processing.

Fulfillment Services

We take great pride in providing top-notch fulfillment services that cater to a wide range of needs, including resident mailings. The majority of all resident mailings, including those directed towards all property owners, are expertly managed and executed by our dedicated fulfillment service group.

Tax and Audit Coordination

We coordinate information required for any state or federal returns working with the respective CPA firm, maintain property tax accounts, identifiers, and tax invoice payments, along with preparation of W-2s and 1099s.

Board Meeting Management

Our team of professionals prepares the agenda and meeting notice, publishes the electric board meeting package, participates in the meeting, and presents the manager's report.

Insurance Management

We assist with the application of insurance policies and maintain a database on expiration dates and when policies are up for renewal. File insurance claims, coordinate with adjusted, and more!

Site Monitoring & Deed Restriction Management

RealManage maintains an association restriction information database and monitors the property for compliance with restrictions. We also notify owners of violations via standard notices and maintain a violation log, etc.

Web & Mobile Technology

Our exclusive board portal grants the board of directors round-the-clock access to vital community information through a single web login, ensuring seamless accessibility.

Architectural Control

We receive requests from owners, submit information to the committee along with suggestions, and inform the owner of the final determination of their request. All ACC/ARC files are visible to the board via the Board Portal.


  • GAAP – based financial and benchmarking reports
  • Instant access to all relevant information from any device at anytime
  • Collections management process that lowers delinquency rates
  • Extensive cloud-based knowledge management system
  • Extended-hours, multi lingual service 7:30 am-7:30 pm (Central)
  • Most calls answered quickly with no re-routing


  • Cloud-based Board, Resident, Closing and Attorney Portals
  • 24x7 access to all community information
  • Online and offline automated deed restriction enforcement
  • Online payments, bank reports, balances and documents
  • System alerts to notify employees of issues
  • Automated workflow wizards for task routing and approvals


  • LSM's, PCAM®’s, CMCA®’s, AMS®’s and state certified Community Association managers
  • Degreed Accountants and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
  • Experienced and professional:
    – On-site Management staff
    -  Resident Service Advisors
    – Technology staff
    – Industry Executives
    – Newsletter publishers
    – Events managers
Empowering Communities, Simplifying Management.

Comprehensive Community Management Services

Explore our comprehensive suite of community management services designed to enhance your association's efficiency and elevate your residents' experience.

Board Portal and Mobile Apps

As a dedicated board member, effective decision-making for your community hinges on full transparency. Without a clear view, fulfilling your fiduciary duty becomes challenging, potentially impacting your association and residents negatively.

At RealManage, we prioritize transparency, recognizing its pivotal role in your board responsibilities. That's why we provide our client communities with exclusive access to our Management/Board Portal—a centralized platform offering a comprehensive overview of your management team's actions. Through a single login, you and your management company stay seamlessly connected. With our user-friendly mobile apps, you can access real-time information on the fly, empowering you to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. Elevate your board experience with RealManage—where transparency meets convenience for effective community governance.

Discover more:

Revolutionize Your Community's Governance with Our Management/Board Portal
Streamline Communication and Information Access with Our Owner/Resident Portal

Stay Connected On-the-Go with Our Mobile Apps

HOA Financial Management

Ensuring effective oversight of your community requires timely and accurate financial information. Unfortunately, many boards face delays or inaccuracies in financial reporting.

At RealManage, we go above and beyond by not only delivering monthly financial reports but also granting our client boards 24/7 access to highly detailed financial information through our exclusive Board Portal. Our in-house Financial Managers/Controllers are dedicated to ensuring the precise and prompt production of your community's financial data. Choose RealManage for a proactive and reliable approach to financial management that empowers your board with the information needed for confident decision-making.

Learn More About Our Financial Management Services

Homeowner and resident support

Homeowners and board members alike often find themselves struggling to achieve efficient communication. Far too frequently, calls go unanswered for days on end, leading to frustration and complaints about slow response times. To make matters worse, many residents are left with nothing but endless voicemail messages from community managers.

RealManage's Resident Services call center is staffed by knowledgeable individuals equipped with the necessary tools and information to minimize call rerouting. With a remarkable 98% service level and an average wait time of just 22 seconds, 85% of homeowner calls are answered immediately without the need for escalation. During periods of high call volume, our automated call-back system ensures that customers are not left waiting on hold for extended periods. This beats being forwarded to a manager's voicemail any day!

Learn More About Our Resident Portal

Deed Restriction Management

Board members often find themselves in the dark when it comes to the timing and results of the latest inspection, which can lead to ineffective enforcement. Waiting for information and violation letters to arrive by mail can be a cumbersome process that can take weeks, leaving them feeling uncertain and unsure of what to do next.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of waiting for inspection results and violation letters to arrive by mail. With our Management/Board Portal, you'll have complete visibility into deed restriction violation inspections. Not only will you know when the inspection is scheduled, but you'll also have access to the results and all violations in easy-to-read drill-down reports. Plus, our earth-view map feature allows you to see trends in your association at a glance, giving you the clarity and peace of mind you need to effectively enforce violations.

Learn More About Our Deed Restriction Services

Task/Project Management

To properly direct the activities of your management company your Board of Directors needs to monitor tasks and projects. Many boards find that there is no record of tasks and association projects scheduled and are continually unable to understand the status. Frequently there is no access to information regarding how projects and tasks are progressing or if they are complete.  

RealManage's Management / Board Portal allows board members and community managers to create, update and monitor tasks in real-time. We document all open action items to track and manage open issues to completion. Tasks and work orders ensure that expectations are clearly communicated from the board to RealManage.

Learn More About Our Task & Project Management

Vendor Management

Transform your vendor payment system with our cutting-edge portals, leading the industry in efficiency. Our advanced approach ensures swift and accurate payments by allowing vendors to input their invoices directly, streamlining processing times.

What sets us apart is our meticulous commitment: we enforce rigorous procedures, demanding certificates of insurance and licenses as needed to safeguard your association. Opt for our solution for a seamless and secure vendor payment experience that prioritizes efficiency and reliability. 

Learn More About Vendor Management

Trained and Certified HOA Management Staff

Without ongoing training programs for the management team, community association managers may not be up-to-date on state-mandated HOA laws, resulting in subpar service to their boards. It is not the board's responsibility to continually educate the manager. That's why our certified community managers undergo weekly, local, in-person training and participate in nationally sponsored webinars to ensure they are consistently up-to-date on industry news and changes in state statutes.

Learn About Our Certified HOA Management Staff

Architectural Control

Board members need to have awareness of current architectural change requests. They should know when applications are submitted and when they are not reviewed promptly. Boards should have access to communication regarding approvals, variances or additional requirements. 

We provide a state-of-the-art mobile app that allows for committees and board members to electronically approve applications. The system automatically files the applications and attached exhibits into the owner's file making them digitally accessible.

Get information on Rules and Regulation and how to enforce these guidelines.

Learn More About Architectural Control

Collections/Delinquent Accounts

Take charge of delinquent homeowner accounts effortlessly with our comprehensive solution designed for board members like you. We equip you with an in-house collection team and an intricate system that grants complete insight into delinquencies. Enjoy seamless digital access to homeowner information, allowing you to refer accounts to the HOA attorney with just one click. Bid farewell to the uncertainty of uncollected dues – our solution puts you in control and ensures a straightforward process.

Learn More About Our Collections & Delinquent Accounts Services

HOA Management Services

HOA (Homeowners Association) management services are professional services provided to assist and support homeowners associations in managing and maintaining residential communities. HOA management services play a crucial role in helping these associations fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

Condominium Management

A Condominium Owner's Association is comprised of condominium owners. Condominium owners own their individual units and have joint ownership of the building and grounds with other units. COA fees not only cover common areas but the fees also cover building repairs and maintenance.

Master-Planned Communities

A master-planned community typically consists of more than one residential community association and usually has numerous amenities such as pools, a clubhouse, parks, playgrounds, and could possibly even include commercial elements such as restaurants.

Mixed-Use Associations

A mixed-use community association, often referred to as a live-work neighborhood, represents a dynamic and innovative approach to urban planning and community development. The integration of residential condominiums and commercial elements creates a harmonious and multifaceted environment that fosters a unique sense of community and convenience for its residents.

On-Site Community Management

On-site community association management refers to a type of homeowners association (HOA) management where the management company or manager physically works from within the community or at a dedicated on-site office within the community itself. This means that the management staff is present within the community they are responsible for.

New Residential Development & Builder Services

Community association management services offered to new residential developers and builders typically encompass a range of support and expertise tailored to the specific needs of these developers as they establish and transition control of homeowners associations (HOAs) in newly built residential communities.

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