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Maximize The Value of Your Community With Our Top-rated HOA Management Services

block-party-RMRealManage is a tech-enabled service delivery company that partners with community association boards to enhance the value of their community by improving communications with the board and residents, providing transparency in financials and community management, and driving operational efficiencies, so that board members can focus on realizing their full vision for the community.

By leveraging our comprehensive software platform, paired with our industry-best community managers and service delivery support teams, we increase community value and improve the resident experience. In essence, we help community association boards to run their communities like a business while acting like a neighbor.

Our Guiding Principles

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Our Story

In 2004, we set out to transform the community association management industry by providing the best people, technology, and operational processes. Over the past 20 years, RealManage has grown from one branch in Austin, Texas, to one of the largest management companies in the nation, with team members in 24 states and growing. This year, we recognize this proud past, celebrating our 20th anniversary. As we look to the next 20 years of success for RealManage, we will continue to evolve and grow, keeping our original mission at the forefront.

At RealManage, we serve our clients or those who serve our clients with excellence, and we will remain steadfast in that focus. Our people, combined with our commitment to innovation and technology, will be the key to our future success. We will run like a business and act like a neighbor to become the industry’s most trusted community management partner.

Company Announcements

Here at RealManage, we are excited to update you on all the latest developments directly related to our company. This page is your exclusive source for learning about our achievements, new team members, and any acquisitions we've made. Whether you're a valued client, partner, or simply interested in RealManage's journey, this page is dedicated to sharing our company's milestones and growth with you.

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