financial management services

HOA Financial Management Services

Carefully Managing Your Community's Money

We understand the importance of having up-to-date, accurate and timely HOA financials. As a board member, it is your fiduciary responsibility to account for all expenditures your association incurs and where the money is being spent. That is why when we created RealManage, we wanted to ensure we provided boards with complete access and transparency into all financial affairs.


It Starts with Careful Configuration

During transition, we will configure your association's account so that it is consistent with your community's rules and map over respective financial information from the previous management company.

  • We use our proprietary accounting system called CiraBooks
  • We follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) 
  • Online cash reporting features
  • In-house accounting and financial services
  • Degreed and certified accounting staff
  • Market-specific Financial Manager/Controllers

Complete Access to Information

The HOA board has access to community financial information 24x7 via the Board Portal.  

Reports include:

  • Operating Fund Revenue and Expense Summary
  • Consolidated Fund Balance Sheet Summary
  • Open A/P with Current Cash Balance and Anticipated Cash Balance after payments are made
  • Aging Summary
  • Expense Detail
  • Delinquency Reports