hoa process services

HOA Processing Services


Processing functions are a large part of running a homeowners association. It is important these functions are performed in a structured manner so that all information is accounted for. That is why you need an HOA management company that has a system in place to make processing of assessments, invoices and homeowner ownership conveyances a breeze. And you, as a board member, have complete access to know what work the community management company has done on your behalf.

Careful Configuration

During transition, we will configure your associations account, so it is consistent with community rules and customized with your assessment rules, vendor information along with statements of account.


Streamlined Processes

Assessments: Revenue and late fees are collected via several payment options captured in the accounting system.

Invoices:  Are processed, validated and approved via our workflow module within 30 days or sooner. 

We also have a Board Approvals queue which allows a configured Board Member (“user”) to be inserted in the invoice/disbursement request approval process by interacting directly with the RealManage accounting software platform.

Homeowner Conveyances: Our in-house Processing Services Group processes all information related to escrow demands, ownership conveyances, resale certificates, etc. on a daily basis. We prepare and supply the research certification when requested by the buyer, seller, Mortgage Company, Title Company or one of the Realtors

Be in the know

All information as it relates to account receivable, payable and homeowner conveyances is available to the Board of Directors 24/7. We additionally provide a monthly management and financial report with automatically generated AR/AP reports. Stay up-to-the-day on information regarding cash balance, actual to budge and much, much more!