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what is hoa and Condominium management?

Homeowners Association (HOA) management is the complex set of responsibilities and tasks associated with running a successful community association. HOA management companies have a wealth of experience and talent covering the full range of challenges that associations face. The HOA's board of directors can rest assured that when they find themselves up against an issue, they can reach out to their management company for the guidance they need.

At the end of the day, the board of directors has a fiduciary responsibility in the overall governance of their community association. Your community’s Board of Directors is elected by the owners of the community to make business and governance decisions on their behalf.


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How a Professional Management Company Can Help

RealManage's Homeowner Association Management Services

RealManage is a community managemen t company that specializes in homeowner association management, master-planned management, condominium management, and townhome management in Texas, California, Illinois, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia. We offer professional and personalized service - a firm right in your neighborhood that is supported by vast national resources.

Since our management services are the most advanced in the industry, they will enhance your level of community development. Community development is a concept we define as a community operating at its peak potential in terms of financial and operational aspects as well as a deep sense of community spirit, all of which are deeply affected by the quality of your management services.

HOA management Board Portal and Mobile Apps
Board Portal and Mobile Apps

The average board member has limited access to information and what information they have lacks transparency. As a board member, it is impossible to fulfill your fiduciary duties without full visibility into the performance of your association and management company.

Our Solution: RealManage provides its client communities with complete transparency and visibility into what your management team is doing on your behalf with access to real-time information via our proprietary Board Portal. One platform. One login. Your board and your management company are on the same page. And as an added bonus, we have mobile apps so you can access information when you are on the go.

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HOA Financial Management

To properly oversee your community a board must be provided timely and accurate financial information. Unfortunately, many boards do not receive financial reporting in a prompt manner or can rely on the accuracy of the information.

Our Solution: We not only provide monthly financial reports, but our client boards have the ability to view their highly detailed financial information 24x7 via our proprietary Board Portal. Our financial management is in-house with Financial Managers/Controllers who oversee the accurate and timely production of your community's financial information.

Our Financial Management Services include:

  • Collection and posting of assessments 
  • Accounts payable and receivable processing
  • Manage the general ledger
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Forecasting and reconciliation of bank statements
  • Preparation of monthly financial and year-end financial reports
  • Financial and audit management

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homeowner communication
homeowner and resident support

The average homeowner and board member struggle with timely communication. It can take days for calls to be returned, homeowners complain to the board about slow response times and getting endless community manager voicemails.

Our Solution: RealManage provides a Resident Services call center staffed with real people empowered with tools and real information resulting in the minimal rerouting of calls. We boast a 98% service level with an average wait time of 22 seconds. 85% of homeowner calls are answered immediately without need of escalation to the branch. We even have an automated call-back system during times of unusual call volume to prevent lengthy hold times. Much better than repeatedly being forwarded to a manager's voicemail.

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hoa deed restriction enforcement
Deed Restriction Management

Many times board members are not sure when the last inspection took place and what happened on that inspection. It takes weeks for information to be provided along with slow mail time of violation letters which leads to ineffective enforcement.

Our Solution: We will provide you with complete visibility into deed restriction violation inspections. Our Board Portal allows you to see when the inspection is scheduled, the results of the inspection with all violations shown in drill-down reports. And as a bonus, an earth-view map of your association to see the trends. No more wondering what the results were on the inspection.

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hoa task and project management
Task/Project Management

To properly direct the activities of your management company your Board of Directors needs to monitor tasks and projects. Many boards find that there is no record of tasks and association projects scheduled and are continually unable to understand the status. Frequently there is no access to information regarding how projects and tasks are progressing or if they are complete.  

Our Solution: RealManage's Board Portal allows board members and Community Managers to create, update and monitor tasks in real-time. We document all open action items to track and manage open issues to completion. Tasks and Work Orders ensure that expectations are clearly communicated from the board to RealManage.

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Vendor management

Vendors complain about timely invoice payments. Many board members hear complaints from the association vendors that they are not getting paid accurately or quickly enough and also are seeing excessive late charges.

Our Solution: We have created the most sophisticated portals in the industry to ensure accuracy and timely payments to vendors. The portal allows to vendors to submit invoices directly into the system which in turn increases the speed of processing. Our processes protect the association by requiring certificates of insurance and licensing where applicable.

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certified community association managers
Trained and Certified HOA Management Staff

The board should not continually be educating the manager. No ongoing training programs for the management team, manager not up-to-date on state-mandated HOA laws, resulting in unskilled community association managers not properly serving their boards.

Our Solution: Our community managers are required to be certified by the Community Association Institute (CAI) along with any state-mandated licensure. Our managers have weekly, local, in-person training along with nationally sponsored webinars. Community Association Managers are consistently up-to-date on news that affects homeowner associations and helps their boards stay abreast of any changes in the industry including new state statutes.

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architectural control for hoas
Architectural Control

Board members need to have awareness of current architectural change requests. They should know when applications are submitted and when they are not reviewed promptly. Boards should have access to communication regarding approvals, variances or additional requirements. 

Our Solution: We provide a state-of-the-art mobile app that allows for committees and board members to electronically approve applications. The system automatically files the applications and attached exhibits into the owner's file making them digitally accessible.

Get information on Rules and Regulation and how to enforce these guidelines.

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HOA Delinquent Account Services
Collections/Delinquent Accounts

Board members must have full visibility into what is happening on delinquent homeowner accounts. They should have easy access and control over referring accounts to the HOA attorney for further collection. Digital access to information relating to homeowner accounts is key to effective collection procedures.

Our Solution: We have an in-house collection team to support the delinquent account process along with a highly-detailed collection system that allows for the board to have complete insight into the status of delinquencies. Our management system additionally gives board members control to refer an account to their attorney with one click of a button. The days of not knowing the status of uncollected dues are gone.

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Cutting-edge voting platform

CiraVote provides a highly adaptable foundation capable of serving diverse industries and organization types. Its specialized focus lies in catering to the unique requirements of homeowner associations, effectively managing elections, surveys, and various voting events. While offering a comprehensive array of features, our software remains remarkably user-friendly, prioritizing ease of use. Automation takes center stage, allowing for the configuration of business rules to streamline processes.

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