HOA management technology built for board members

RealManage's client Board Members have access to our secure proprietary HOA management software that helps them to better govern the affairs of their community. Our intuitive Board Portal contains real-time access to pertinent community information updated every business day including:

•  Detailed financial reports
•  Documents archive
•  Call log reports
•  Delinquency logs
•  Resident Directory
•  Project/Tasks
•  Work orders
•  Deed Restriction Violation (DRV) summary and drill down reports
•  Detailed list of all lot information
•  Vendor invoices, book balances, open A/P and expense detail pivot table
•  Meeting minutes and agendas
•  Property conveyances
•  Calendars
•  Electronic invoice and architectural control approvals


how our HOA technology is superior

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Fully-functional software for 100+ processes, including:

Accounting, Deed restriction enforcement, Architectural compliance, Collections, Legal, Work orders, Document archive, Resident and board portals, Vendor portal, Mobile and tablet apps

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Full transparency - call, email and process log, resident call recordings, alerts, dashboards, context and status reports - each process is trackable and digitized. Fewer human errors.
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One database with one login for all processes, procedures, information, documents, and external portals. Document archive with all current client-related documents directly accessible throughout the platform.
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Easy to understand interface that is consistent across all processes. No time wasted drilling down or backing up from a process like most software applications.
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Calendar-controlled deliverables of all key processes and reports (late fees, publishing financials, board and annual meeting. Time-based escalation rules for all key processes with deadline alerts for users and chain-of-command and fewer missed deadlines.
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Access information on any web browser, mobile phone, or tablet.

the power of the board portal

Get a brief glimpse into the power of our Board Portal, and how it will give you a deepened access to information that is unbeatable in the industry.

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