HOA Management for Developers and BuildersOur HOA management for services for developers and builders are a unique set of capabilities that include a bundle of services that are all fully integrated into our best people, best practices and best technology approach to managing your community to ensure the fullest possible community development.

Our HOA management services for developers and builders enhance your level of community development, a concept we define as when a community operates at its peak potential in terms of financial and operational aspects as well as a deep sense of community spirit, all of which are deeply affected by your HOA management services or property management services.

Optimal community development requires property management services from management companies that allow the developer and builder to effectively develop the community by selling more lots quickly and making customers happy. RealManage serves developing communities with HOA management services that are the most advanced in the industry and ensure a strong community brand with an exceptional development and satisfied residents. 

We understand your needs:

  • Sell more lots
  • Manage development within budget
  • Keep residents satisfied and informed
  • Build an enduring, exceptional community brand

Development Consulting:

We work from with your and your team from the drawing board through completion of the community to create a thorough program that will help to meet your goals.

  • Preparation of build-out budgets
  • Certificate of formation preparation
  • Set-up tax ids
  • Document review and recommendation
  • Site plan review
  • Lifestyle staffing plans and programs
  • Vendor selection and utility set-up
  • Reserve and replacement forecasting 
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Our Exceptional Management Services