Single Family & Master-Planned Management Services

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What is a single family/master-planned community (HOA)?

A master-planned community is residential community that typically has a significant amount of homes. An owner owns his/her lot and/or living unit and the community owns common areas for the use and benefit of owners. A master-planned community typically consists of more than one residential community association and has usually has numerous amenities such as pools, clubhouse, parks, playgrounds and could possibly even commercial elements such as a restaurants.

HOA management companies have a wealth of experience and talent covering the full range of challenges that master-planned associations face. The HOA board of directors can rest assured that when they find themselves up against an issue, they can reach out to their management company for the guidance they need.

homeowners Association management Matters

The challenges faced by master-planned communities (HOA's) are unique and are not always covered by the basic services some HOA management companies offer. Whether your master-planned association is facing common area or resident issues, RealManage has a management team ready to meet the high demands of your master-planned association. If you are interested in how your homeowners association stacks up against others, click the button on the right and take our FREE Association Health Assessment. With a few quick answers, you'll receive a free customized report via email. 


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How Can a Professional HOA Managment Company such as realmanage help?
  • Manage the association within budget
  • Help the board to keep the residents informed and satisfied
  • Provide access to pertinent community information
  • Project planning and management
  • Help the board effectively govern the community
  • Help the board to build a strong sense of community
  • Help to enforce the covenants and restrictions fairly and consistently
  • Foster great vendor relationships
  • Be a well-rounded resource for challenges the association may face
  • Unique management technique, starting with finding good leaders
  • Long term success for the property and your residents
  • Provide on-site management, if needed
  • Provide goal setting and strategic planning


Looking for HOA Management?

Elegent Homes in a Master Planned Community
  • GAAP – based bookkeeping, financial management and benchmarking reports
  • Instant access to all relevant information from any device at anytime
  • Collections management process that lowers delinquency rates
  • Extensive cloud-based knowledge management system
  • Extended-hours, multi lingual service 7:30 am-7:30 pm (Central)
  • Most calls answered quickly with no re-routing
  • Cloud-based Board, Resident, Closing and Attorney Portals
  • 24x7 access to all community information
  • Online and offline automated deed restriction enforcement
  • Online payments, bank reports, balances and documents
  • System alerts to notify employees of issues
  • Automated workflow wizards for task routing and approvals
  • LSM's, PCAM®’s, CMCA®’s, AMS®’s and state certified Community Association managers
  • Degreed Accountants and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
  • Experienced and professional:
    – On-site Management staff
    -  Resident Service Advisors
    – Technology staff
    – Industry Executives
    – Newsletter publishers
    – Events managers
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