Why do I have to pay assessments? What are assessments (dues) even for?

Assessments cover the costs of maintaining and managing the community. These assessments are used to fund a wide range of services and amenities, such as landscaping, trash removal, security, insurance, and repairs to common areas.

Here are some of the most common expenses covered by assessments:

  • Maintenance of common areas: The association is responsible for maintaining all shared spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and pools. This includes cleaning, repairs, and landscaping.
  • Utilities: The association may pay for utilities such as water, electricity, and gas for common areas.
  • Insurance: The association is responsible for insuring common areas and the exterior of buildings.
  • Management fees: The board may hire a property management company to oversee day-to-day operations, such as collecting assessments, enforcing rules, and maintaining financial records.
  • Legal fees: The board may hire an attorney to handle legal matters, such as enforcing rules or defending against lawsuits.
  • Reserve funds: Associations may also set aside a portion of the assessments for a reserve fund, which is used for major repairs or replacements, such as a new roof or the repaving of roads.

Please keep in mind that these are just examples! Each community association is unique. Your community’s governing documents and the annual budget are the best places to find details about your community’s expenditures.