Why are there late fees and other fees on my account?

There could be many reasons this would be true. First, you should confirm that your assessments were paid on time and your payment method.

Many people use their bank bill pay system, which actually mails a check. It is digital on your side, but a check is then subjected to the timelines of the mail. If a check was mailed either by you personally or by your bank bill pay system, there could have been a mail delay.  

Associations typically have late fees in place that require members to pay their assessments on time. Late fees and other fees may be imposed when assessments are paid after the due date. These fees are intended to make sure everyone pays timely so that the association can pay its bills on time, such as the landscaper, insurance bills, and utilities. 

When owners pay their assessments late, it can make it difficult for the association to pay those on time. Additionally, some mortgage companies look at the delinquency rates, and having a high delinquency rate in the community can make it harder for a buyer to get a loan in the community, hurting everyone’s property values. 

Collection fees are there to cover the costs of collecting those late assessments so the association is not out that money. It wouldn’t be fair for the owners that pay on time to cover costs for those that are not paying on time. 

If you feel that your assessments were paid on time, but you are seeing late and/or collection fees, please reach out to the community manager via the community’s CiraMail address so they can research and provide additional details.