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My neighbor's dog is barking, or my neighbors are loud. Who do I tell?

Most community associations prohibit “unreasonable” noise. Defining unreasonable can be difficult.

Dogs bark, that is reasonable. If you have neighbors above you, you are likely going to hear them from time to time. That is reasonable as well. Community living includes noise. 

If the noise is late at night or non-stop, that could be deemed unreasonable. Some communities will have detailed policies with step-by-step instructions you can follow. Typically, starting with friendly neighborly contact to filing reports and logging concerns with the police department. Documentation of what makes it unreasonable, like time of day or frequency, is key if you would like the association to be able to take action. 

Some associations will not have detailed instructions or policies, and this will make it more difficult. You can reach out to the community to get more information about your community’s policy. 

Similar to all violations reported, please note that although we will attempt to keep any reports confidential, if the violation has to be resolved through a legal process, all of that information may be discoverable, so we cannot guarantee anonymity.