I'm buying into a community association, and I need new resident information.

At closing, your title company should provide you with the governing documents of the community, rules and regulations, contact information for the management company, etc.

After closing, the title company will notify the association (via the management company) of your closing and send a check for fees paid, etc. This can take several weeks, sometimes up to a month. Then it may take 1-2 weeks for the management company (RealManage) to process the closing statement, get you entered into the system, and apply the payments that were made at closing. Typically, you will prepay two months of assessments at closing to allow for this turnaround time. 

Once that happens, RealManage will send you a welcome letter with information on the community, the resident portal login information, how to request amenity access (like a pool key), the community website (if they have one), account number, how to make payments, etc.