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I received an HOA violation notice. What should I do?

Violation notices are intended to be friendly reminders that there is an issue that needed to be brought to your attention. They don’t always come across that way, but that is always the intent.

If you receive a first notice about something, you can just resolve the issue, the inspector will note it was resolved on their next inspection. 

If you don’t feel the notice is accurate, then please reach out. Emailing the community CiraMail address is usually the best way to handle that. It could be that the inspector noted the wrong address. Sometimes, with trashcans especially, it is hard to know who they belong to. A simple email letting us know will usually resolve the situation. 

Some states and associations have specific timelines to dispute a violation, so try to be familiar with your community’s policies on that and dispute in writing if you feel you are being notified incorrectly.