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How do I report a violation?

While our inspectors do their best to catch every violation during their regular inspections, that just isn’t possible.

Inspections are typically 1-2 days per month, so there will be many things that you will see living there every day that our team may not during their drive-throughs. Additionally, sometimes things are impossible to see from a car. Generally, our inspectors do not get out of their cars for safety reasons. 

If a violation has existed for a few weeks and would be visible from a vehicle, it is likely that we are addressing it, but the owner may still need to resolve it. Most owners are very conscientious and work to resolve concerns as soon as possible. However, that is not true in all cases and could be for a variety of reasons. 

If you are seeing something and feel that it is not being addressed, then you can submit a violation for review through the Owner/Resident Portal. Be sure and submit as much detail as possible, including photos, so it can be followed up on. The inspector will then follow up on their next inspection. 

Please note that although we will attempt to keep any reports confidential, if the violation has to be resolved through a legal process, all of that information may be discoverable, so we cannot guarantee anonymity.