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Vendor Management for Community Associations

Diligent Vendor Bidding and Contract Services 

In any association, it's important that you have the best options when it comes to maintenance and ongoing service contracts. RealManage has extensive experience in working with and managing third-party vendors to ensure that all associations are provided with the highest level of service. We'll always provide you with unbiased bids when looking for any association services. Our teams will help you evaluate the bids to determine which is best for the community. From bidding to contract and all the way through to the end of the project, RealManage is your partner for vendor relationships.

Interested in becoming a Vendor Partner or supporting a RealManage Family of Brands community? Please visit our Vendor Application Page for additional information.

Expert Contract Negotiating

RealManage works with the board of directors to prepare and evaluate all third-party vendor bids. 

  • Three bid minimum on all projects (unless otherwise directed by the board)
  • Community Manager will put together analysis for board members to accurately evaluate the terms of each contract
  • Prerequisite that all vendors and contracts hold the appropriate licenses and insurances before RealManage will consider them

    Vendor Management
Transparency and Communication

It's easy to get lost in the tremendous amount of projects a community may have going on at any time. That's why RealManage provides REAL transparency to our members.

  • 24/7 viewable work-orders are available in the Board Portal
  • Apple and Android Mobile Apps means access is literally anywhere you are
  • Board of directors can access, add and review the status of any action items open or closed
  • Monitoring of all permits and city requirements handled by staff