Task and Project Management

Robust Task and Project Management System

Keeping track of various projects and tasks associated with managing a successful and thriving community can often be a daunting challenge. RealManage has risen to the challenge with a robust cloud-based technology system and unparalleled staff. From online monitoring services to live updatable processes, RealManage is ready to help your association and neighborhood excel at managing all projects and tasks.


Technology Based Solutions

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools in any associations arsenal is the ability to keep up with technology. RealManage is powered by the CiraConnect system which was technology designed by and for community associations.

Online document storage that complies with all state, local and association laws and regulations.
Stellar Administrative Support

RealManage is dedicated to providing dependable, personalized service to all of our board members.

  • Collaborative atmosphere, where experts and new board members can find custom solutions to unique issues
  • Relationship based interactions where each community is given prime one-on-one assistance as necessary
  • Nationwide support system ensures constant and consistent follow up on all projects with well informed staff
  • Call center employees who are rigorously trained to answer questions from vendors and owners alike about projects taking place in your community