Collection and Delinquency Account Management

Best Practices for Effective Collections

RealManage puts years of experience and training into developing the most comprehensive collections process that helps your community reduce delinquencies and increase financial stability. Transparency and communication with our board members is a vital part of a collections policy, and to that end, we've developed a highly detailed digital access platform that provides immediate and up-to-date delinquency information


Substantially Reducing Delinquency Rates

Our team of collections experts are dedicated to the best industry practices for reducing debt.

  • Every available effort is made to encourage owners to bring their accounts to current good standing
  • Payment plans are effectively used to help owners and boards fulfill their financial responsibilities
  • Minimizing needless expenditures for collections of accounts that may be resolved by bankruptcy or foreclosure

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Consistent and Uniform Approach
Delinquency rates are very much dependent on your communities collection policy and how quickly collections efforts are initiated. RealManage is prepared to advise and assist in all facets of collections including:
  • Expertly prepared proofs for claims of bankruptcies
  • Assistance in developing payment plans that meet all state law requirements and needs of the association
  • Creation of legal referral packets submitted to associations attorney