Be Water Smart

As the heat of the summer approaches now is an excellent time to start thinking about water conservation techniques in your landscaped areas.

First and foremost, water lost through evaporation can be significantly reduced by watering in the early morning or overnight as opposed to watering during the sunlight hours.  During summer months, in all climates, delivering the water to individual plants underground via emitters from your irrigation system will reduce evaporation.  When attempting to keep turf on a slope adequately moist; consider utilizing “soak” programs or weeping irrigation hoses.

Soil remediation is a more in depth way to save water by breaking up compacted soils.  This can be achieved by mechanical aeration, bio-stimulants/organic matter introduction, or a combination of the two.  These soil techniques make it possible to increase the absorption of irrigation and rain water.  Now is the time to Core aerate your turf areas to help bring oxygen and water to the roots.

Mower settings play a pivotal role in protecting grass roots.  As the temperatures begin to climb, the height of your grass should increase.  This longer grass will shade the root and prevent your lawns from browning.    The result will be less water usage.

Don’t forget mulch!  Cover the area under plants and shrubs with mulch to hold in as much moisture as possible.  Any type of much is useful, including compost.

Lastly, consider adding rock and boulder areas and eliminating 10 percent of your overall turf area.   As opposed to vast green spaces, create an oasis of lawn in the center of rock and boulder space.  Convert open areas to play space where possible by adding volleyball courts or bocce or tennis courts areas.

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