free guide tips for holding effective hoa board elections

Board Members and officials hold important roles in the decision making process in HOA's. Making careful decisions on budgets, projects, and other changes in the community is crucial to running a community smoothly, and therefore, board elections should be prepared and run in an effective manner.

This guide will cover
  • Six best practices for annual elections
  • Includes sample annual meeting agenda template

Discover How You Can Have Effective HOA Annual Elections

I am the Treasurer if my HOA and so greatly rely on the property manager's financial tools. I have owned and been HOA Treasurer at 3 different condos and have worked with many management companies. RealManages online management and financial reports and tools are by far the best that I have ever seen. With the RealManage tools I can check the daily status of our cash position or Accounts Receivable. I also have daily access to the General Ledger. I do not have to wait for a paper report that is a month old when I receive it. This is a very capable system that will be much appreciated by every competent HOA Treasurer

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