With HOA management services to make every part of running a community association go smoothly and a management team excited to assist you, getting started with RealManage has never been easier.

A sample of our services:

  • Financial Management
    Everything from collecting assessments and posting to proper bank accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, managing general ledger, budgeting, and forecasting to the preparation of monthly and year-end financial reports.
  • Customer Service Center
    Trained multi-lingual Customer Service Representatives provide personalized service to homeowners, extended calling hours if the wait is too long our automated call-back system will call you back when the next agent is available, after-hours emergency service, and much, much more!
  • Vendor Management
    Assist board with the preparation of bid specification, analyze proposals, selection of vendors, scheduling and monitoring of work, invoice approval and payment processing.
  • Site Monitoring and Deed Restriction Management
    Maintain association restriction information database, monitor property for compliance with restrictions, notify owners of violations via standard notices and maintain a violation log, etc.
  • Board Meeting Management
    Preparation of agenda and meeting notice, publish electric board meeting package, participate in the meeting and present Manager's report.
  • Insurance Management
    Assist with the application of insurance policies and maintain a database on expiration dates and when policies are up for renewal. File insurance claims, coordinate with adjusted, etc.

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"We felt that many services could be more efficiently done with a process and should move online (paperless when appropriate) and that more transparency and tracking tools were needed, but were not provided by our previous management company. Due to our partnership with RealManage we will have significant cost-savings, more transparency and tracking available to the board and many online tools available to the homeowners as well to make their life at Whiskey Springs easier and more efficient as it regards to property management and capital improvement projects, etc.

HOA Management Community
- Board Member