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The RealManage operating history goes back more than 30 years through our various acquisitions and branch operations. The brand and vision as we serve it today was initially conceived in 2002 and launched in 2004 with our initial acquisition of a highly successful property management company in Austin, Texas. Since then we have grown rapidly through other acquisitions and branch openings across the country to rank as one of the top five HOA management companies in the nation.

RealManage is a community management company that specializes in homeowner association management, condominium management and townhome management.  We offer highly professional and personalized service - a firm right in your neighborhood supported by national resources. We are a management company that genuinely cares about our industry and the communities that we manage.

As such, we continually streamline and test our HOA management procedures and technology to ensure that you are receiving a positive management experience that exceeds typical industry standards.